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The first draft of Rolling into Peace was written in February 2016.  As the presidential election wore on and bullying began to rapidly increase in the schools, I realized my role in teaching empathy, compassion and understanding to our children had to rise to a new level. As a parent, and a daughter and sister of school teachers, I felt compelled to complete Rolling into Peace, the first book in the Speaking in Green series.


Speaking in Green is a means of communicating for children and adults.  Green Words are words and phrases that promote and encourage dialogue.  It involves kind, considerate and thoughtful speech. Red Words are ones that may cause one to halt or decrease the communication between people.  The effect of Red Words can be hurtful to the receiver.


If we Speak in Green to each other and teach empathy to our children, we can help transform lives and help to bring positive change in schools and our communities.

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